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Safely exterminating infestation in California for 5+ decades.

Excellent Fumigation are fumigation experts in greater Los Angeles area.

The Tallon family has owned and operated the extermination business serving California residents since 1962. We proudly protect over 2,000 annual customers who trust us to keep their families and communities safe from disease-carrying pest. We are honest, dedicated, and devoted to delivering top notch service. We guarantee our commitment to only bringing the best services into our customer’s.

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We offer full termite fumigation services to Los Angeles County and surrounding Beach City communities

Single-Family Homes • Multi-Unit Properties • Commercial Facilities

First Time Inspection

Excellent’s licensed termite inspectors conduct a full search and report of your property. In the end, our termite inspectors can save you thousands on property damage and offer secure peace of mind.

Pest Control & Termite Extermination

Excellent Fumigation are pioneers in alternatives to fumigation. We ONLY offer the highest quality and safety defense products on the market. Alternatives to fumigation are always offered FIRST and tent fumigation is always the LAST resort. 


Excellent Tent Fumigation

Tent fumigation is Excellent’s primary recommendation in the following cases: when termites are built into the structure, the structure is heavily infested, termite infestation is coming from inaccessible areas, or the inspector reported bed bugs or wood beetles.

Licensed to Kill with Excellence

Excellent Fumigation operates under Branch 1, Branch 2, and Branch 3 licenses.


This means legally Excellent is licensed and willing to be your contract killer for Termites, Ants, Rodents and Bed Bugs.

Our Excellence is Guaranteed

There is no need to be restless when your home is pest-less

Excellent Fumigation makes sure you are comfortable in your home by providing guarantees. If termites and pests return while under the guarantee. Excellent treats the situation complimentary.

Family at Home

Safety in Quality

At Excellent Fumigation we are honest, dedicated, and devoted to delivering top-notch, quality products and service to our customers. Our teams are highly trained and well skilled, we deliver excellence by not subcontracting our work. 

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You are assigned an Excellent account manager with a real phone number.

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